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The main purpose of this website is to preserve and present Waelder's ongoing history.

Waelder is located in northern Gonzales County, about 1.7 miles north of Interstate 10. US Highway 90 (and the Union Pacific Railroad) bisects the city. State Highway 97 branches off from US Highway 90 at the center of town, traveling southwest through the county seat of Gonzales before meandering towards Cotulla.

With the approach of the railroad in 1874, many residents of surrounding communities (most notably Hopkinsville) picked up and moved to the newly established town of Waelder to heed the call of the trains. Waelder served as an important railroad depot for the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway (now part of the Union Pacific Railway) until 1958, at which time it was closed.

There's more to Waelder's history than just the railroad, though. Many people hold fond memories of this tiny Texas town and my goal is to give those memories a place to live where everyone can enjoy them.

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